something about me…

I could tell you a little about myself, that I’m an active, inquisitive person who loves her dog, traveling, and cooking.  That creating balance and ease in life is a constant challenge as a result of my demanding career choice.

I could tell you I’m happiest when I’m learning something new.  Being in the kitchen with a new recipe, taking on a new fitness challenge, heading out for a new adventure with my husband.  But my get-real reason for being here is that my current “project” is myself.

Recently, I’ve decided to experience life without alcohol for at least 100 days (taking the 100 Day Challenge with Belle from  Despite living the dream in a lot of ways, I am finally facing the fact that alcohol has continued to cause more problems for me, secretly, than it has benefited me.  I want to see what it feels like to let it go.  Letting go is not an easy feat for me.  Inspired by reading many sober bloggers’ stories, I’m here to share my experience, hold myself accountable, and tell my story as I go.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to all of you who wrote your own stories before me, and helped me get here in doing so.




3 thoughts on “something about me…”

  1. I have only just now stumbled upon your blog and thought I would take the time to share my excitement in reading this introduction. I have similar goals for my own blog…taking on and learning to hobbies as a way to quiet my “drunk brain” who gets antsy when I’m idle for too long. I look forward to scouring your blog…right about…now! 😀

      1. My free time was my downfall.
        I ended up just drinking to quell boredom. But after taking on this project, I haven’t actually thought much about it. It’s still early though 😉

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