15 Days and I feel like a new person already

It’s seriously amazing how much better I feel.  In all my stints this past year, I don’t remember ever feeling this good about being sober.  I am more motivated, more excited about life, and happier.  For the first time, I’m embracing this as a positive, FUN change rather than a struggle, a negative.  I attribute a lot of this to the fact that my health and fitness business is growing, and I am continuing to surround myself with more and more new friends who are focused on their health.  I have found a positive, uplifting community where the focus is on healthy cooking and exercise, rather than drinking.  So much better!

I am sleeping through the night, waking up feeling good, and my anxiety is lessened.  Isn’t it ironic how we drink to lessen our anxiety?  We think that’s what we’re doing when in reality we are creating loads of unnecessary anxiety.  Or at least, that’s how it was for me.  The anxiety I suffered after a night of drinking was positively crippling and would last for a week at least.  Well, I aint got time for that shit no more!!  On to a life full of possibility, realized potential, and living fully present.

Sober has never felt so good.


13 thoughts on “15 Days and I feel like a new person already”

  1. Hi. Must be day to sleep in. Grateful for sleep. I knew that drinking impacted sleep but did not know how much. Grateful to get about 7hrs per night. When it use to be 4. Plus it seems to be deeper
    Love it.

  2. I know when you say the day after drinking would be crippling. That is exactly how I would feel. Inertia at its finest. Stuck and beating myself up. I have chosen the road to be sober because I love myself too much to feel that way and deserve a happy life. Way to go and keep up the amazing work. I keep checking in to see how you are doing.

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