Happy New Year and Happy Day 11 to me!

Yesterday I got a text from my husband extending a last minute dinner invite to us from some colleague friends of ours.  I texted back that it sounded fine, we had neglected to really make plans yet and I figured that sounded like a good one.  But the more I thought it over, the more anxious I was feeling about going.  For no particular reason really, other than I just felt like staying in with our dogs and relaxing, and painting my toenails, and generally avoiding the drinking scene.  Just for a little while longer.  Even though it was New Years.  Normally, I would have shrugged this feeling off and forced myself to get ready and go anyway, because I wouldn’t want to seem like a party pooper and especially not on New Year’s Eve!

But normally, this sobriety thing just hasn’t worked for me for very long.  And this time, I really, really want it to, so I’m going to have to do some things differently.  So I asked my husband if I could just sit this one out.  And he was (as he always is) totally gracious about it and it was just fine.  I stayed in my safe little bubble for the night, got some quiet time in to read, paint my toenails, watch TV, and relax.  At 37 years old, this is the first time I’ve ever stayed home all alone on New Year’s Eve.  And it was GREAT.  Seriously.  I felt like I was doing something healthy for myself by resting.  I enjoyed the quiet time and knowing that people were out having fun.  I felt the calm satisfaction of knowing that I was making a new decision, a decision that I wouldn’t regret, and that I would wake up today feeling good.

This year, I’m going to live for the mornings.  Really.  It’s such a different idea for me, I’ve always been a night owl of course, since that’s when I’d relax with wine.  But sober, I LOVE waking up in the morning, full of enthusiasm for the day and knowing that I have the capacity to take on whatever I want to take on.

My new year’s day is rung in quietly, and I can’t help but gloat just a tiny bit that the husband is hung over and I feel great.  🙂  Hope all of you feel great too!  And that if you don’t feel great, if you are hung over but contemplating your drinking, that you read my blog… you’ll see a whole year of starts and stops, and here I am only on day 11 when I could be at over a year by now if I had only stuck with it.  I’m not going to beat myself up over it, but I DO want to make 2015 the year that I don’t leave wondering how much more I could have accomplished had I just honored my commitment to remain alcohol-free.  I didn’t gain anything by drinking in 2014 except more anguish, more anxiety, and less self-confidence.

This is the year I honor my commitments.   You can too!  Happy 2015!


9 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Happy Day 11 to me!”

  1. How great that you stayed home and took care of yourself! That takes some guts! It is hard to break those well-worn patterns of behavior. I like what you said about honoring commitments this year. I feel like I did that A LOT more in 2014 because I was sober….good food for thought. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Awesome post 🙂 Waking up feeling good in the morning is the best. Being sober is all about doing things differently and you are on it. That’s when things clicked for me- I had to be willing to change my life in positive ways, no matter how hard and weird it felt, and put my well-being and sobriety first. You’ve already gotten through some of the toughest parts of year! It sounds like you are in an awesome frame of mind right now… now the trick is to remember all of this stuff when the going gets rough and the cravings creep in. Sending you best sober wishes for 2015!

  3. What I love about this is that you honoured your feelings and your gut instinct on this and it was bang on. To be honest, of most people I know (and I am talking mostly normal folks, not only us alkies) don’t go out and whoop it up on NYE. Most folks I know went to bed around 10pm at the latest. I think we still think that everyone gets all out of hand and hammered and all that. The minority do. The rest of us are tucking kids in, watching TV, or chilling with a book or family.

    Great stuff!


  4. Congrats on 11 days! Woot Woot! it is so important to take care of yourself, especially in early recovery. This alone can give you the strength to keep going.

    i love having good morning, even though I am not a morning person! LOL! But i vividly remember my first few weeks and how amazing waking up clear minded and happy!

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