Organizing fiend

That’s what I was today.  Today is day 8.  I survived Christmas, and then TWO holiday open house events on Saturday, which I actually enjoyed very much and wasn’t too terribly bothered not to be drinking.  I had sparkling water, and sparkling apple cider, and snacks, and I talked and observed and remembered everything.  Then when I was tired I left, and my husband stayed until he was done.  I had a few moments of wanting wine, but nothing too strong.  And when I started to smell it on everyone’s breath, I discovered I didn’t want it after all.

Sunday morning my family was all “moving slow” as they called it (read:  hung over) and I was bright eyed and ready to take on the day.  Hard not to feel just a tiny bit of glee there, knowing that normally I would be the one in the worst shape of all!  What a relief.

Today I was stricken with the need to organize and purge a bunch of junk that I’ve been meaning to get to for months.  I started in the bathroom and was amazed to see how much old makeup I had been hanging onto that I would obviously never use again!  I threw away an astounding amount of stuff, cleaned every single surface, organized like never before, and now my bathroom is sparkling clean and every drawer is neat with containers for each category.  The counter is clear.  I can’t explain how amazing this feels, because I am someone who has historically been, ahem, organizationally challenged.

But maybe that was just because I was always “tired” from wine… we shall see!  Tomorrow I’m taking on the closet.  AND we are getting our new couch delivered!!!  It will be a happy day of home rejuvenation, which is just so fitting at the moment, while I’m working on rejuvenating my insides.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Organizing fiend”

  1. Hey! Awesome- day 8! You’re doing it. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, eventually it gets even easier. You’ll consistently feel so much healthier that you will want to drink less and less.

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