In with the new…

Today is day 4.  Predictably, the wine witch hit me today a few times, in very sneaky ways.  My wine witch, or wolfie, tends to have a whiny voice in my head.  For some reason, she seems like a Sheila to me.  So that’s what I’ll call her:  Sheila.  She is a manipulative one, that Sheila.  She told me all kinds of things today about how I don’t really have a problem.  She also started freaking out about upcoming events, like my trip to New York next weekend (how can we possibly go to New York and not have a drink!!!  Come ON!), the bachelorette weekend scheduled for June 21 in Palm Springs with a bunch of party girls, or our trip to Hawaii later this year.  “You can’t possibly do this to me!”  She whispered in my ear all day, getting louder right around 7:30 p.m. while I cooked dinner (walnut pesto stuffed chicken breast with brown rice and kale!).  

Well guess what, Sheila.  I’m onto your nonsense.  I won’t be “loving you till the morning comes.”  (see link below)  Tell it to someone else.  Out with Sheila, in with the new.  

I’ll have some chamomile tea, thank you very much.

And I’ll dance to this funky video with my tea, sober.  Cause I’m that happy about day 4.  




6 thoughts on “In with the new…”

  1. This made me laugh! Bloody Sheila.

    Don’t worry about those future events, you’ll be stronger then. Focus on the now and Sheila will pipe down, I 100% promise she will x x x

    1. Good! I cheered myself up with that song so glad someone else was laughing with me. 🙂 you are absolutely right, of course. That one day at a time concept really makes sense to me more and more now. Going to stay focuses on today and not worry about the trips until they are here.

  2. I got sober in November of 2013. We had a trip to Australia planned in January. I swear the grey hair on my head was all given to me by your Shelia. Worrying for two months how I was going to enjoy a vacation without alcohol. (It can be done.)
    I did two weeks in Australia sober.
    I look at all these things as just one more sober experience to add to my sober toolbox.
    I still stress about new things that I have to do that I used to do drinking, but I realize no one cares IF I am drinking, or what is in my glass!
    Tell Shelia to fuck off!! 🙂

    1. Yeah it seems impossible to imagine a vacation sober. Sheila screams at me, “what the hell is the point of that?!” How sad really, I mean I’m sure there are loads better things to do on vacation than being hung over the whole time. Just have to deal with it at the time and figure it out then. Thanks!

  3. I love that you named her. I should do that! I was terrified of a sober vacation too. Especially with other drinkers. I’ve only done one. And it was actually great. When others drank a lot, I went to bed early. And then I was up with the sun and welcoming the day while they were miserably hung over. I have made a point to find meetings when I’m on a trip. I also read my book every day and talk to my sponsor and one other person in the program every day. Congratulations on Day 4. You can do this!!! It is SO worth it, trust me!!

    1. Waking up with the sun on vacation sounds awesome, especially basking in the good feelings while others are hung over! I am terrified of going to meetings and haven’t given it a shot yet, but I might be brave enough to take that step soon. All I know is I don’t want another restart this time! Sick of day 1 and willing to try anything. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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