Day 3!

Feeling strong. Kept insanely busy today which felt good. Remembered how fucking amazing it feels to have this energy back, to not be hung over and foggy! Did errands, laundry, studied, had dinner with my two best yoga friends who don’t care whether we drink or not. They got me a birthday cake for my birthday which was a couple weeks ago but I had been out of town. All in all a busy day + cake… Perfection. Going to bed feeling very strong in my conviction. This time feels different and I’m considering just coming clean with my intention to quit drinking, meaning just to say that I quit if anyone asks. For good. I have more of a desire to be authentic this time around and do what it takes. Time to get real.


2 thoughts on “Day 3!”

  1. I was so afraid to tell people I quit….. now I told my close friend and feel so much relief and now then can really support me b/c they know what is really going on. Its so liberating. The non close friends i just say, no thanks I am not drinking. Its wonderful being hang over free~ BEST feeling ever!

    1. Good for you!! It is extra burdensome to be carrying around this secret and always wondering how to explain ourselves. Having someone in your corner is a huge help!

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