Wine release party in the sun? Nope.

Not today. I was planning to go and thinking I would be fine. Then I thought, why do that to myself especially when I am so obviously fragile right now? When my thinking flip flops from moment to moment? Why set myself up for failure? So instead, I’m getting a pedicure and having lunch with a safe friend who gets my issues and who I don’t feel pressured to drink with. Then I’m going to the gym. Then I’m going home to snuggle with my dog and watch movies. It feels good to have a plan in place for the day… Safe. I need to be in a safe cocoon right now. Slowly realizing that I have to think of this as a thing, a thing I have to prioritize. If I leave it last on the list (after things like attending this party when I don’t feel up to it) it simply won’t happen. So yeah. That’s all for now, just me reporting from the cocoon of safety over here.

p.s., news flash: having several “day ones” back to back sucks. Like really sucks. Something to remember at 5pm today.

Day 1. Stop the madness.


8 thoughts on “Wine release party in the sun? Nope.”

  1. Goof for you saying no.

    The endless day 1 cycle is soul destroying, but at least it reminds us why we want to quit. Keep going, you will make it x x x x x x

  2. So glad you passed and your day sounded perfect., some things I learned so far….. Your Sobriety must be first even as selfless or obsessed as that sounds and take it one day at a time. Plan your day ahead….. Leave no room for booze to find its way in. Self care, like gym, pedicures, lunch w friends. Reading, movies, sober outings etc. I’m tired of Day 1’s too…… Best wishes!

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