The new Friday

Day 5 today. Friday. Still feels weird to get to a Friday and be sober. My brain is like, “Friday fun day!” And then I remember that I’m focusing on finding new fun. Which isn’t bad really. Just different. I can’t think too much about my normal habits or patterns at the moment because it’s too overwhelming to imagine too much change at once.
Getting excited about Christmas, and have a busy to-do list this weekend which helps. Seeing two of my oldest friends tomorrow who are fairly big drinkers. I’ve been kind of hibernating since first starting Belle’s challenge the first time, haven’t wanted to have to talk about why I’m not drinking. But tomorrow should be ok because we have a daytime thing planned and no one will really question me if I pass on wine with lunch(although I’m sure they will have some.).
Starting over has been fine in one sense, like I picked up where I left off. But in another, it has felt like these 5 days have gone sooo slowwwly. Kinda feels like getting a demotion at a job. You’ve been handling more serious tasks and then suddenly you have those taken away and you’re only allowed to do the easy stuff and it pisses you off. (That actually is happening to me at work right now… Maybe that’s really my issue here). Anyway just glad to be sober today. Very much starting to understand this one day at a time thing.


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