No alcohol required.

On my way to the hospital today to see my friend’s brand new baby, I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up flowers and a card.  And… obviously it seemed like the perfect occasion to grab a bottle of bubbles!!

Oh.  Right.  Not doing that.

Not doing “that,” that drinking thing, makes me feel like I’m not allowed to celebrate.  Like, how am I supposed to celebrate, anyway?  Fellow sober bloggers, I would cherish your suggestions and advice here.  I know I’m probably supposed to easily feel like a piece of cake is a celebration.  Or… sparkling apple cider?  Ugh.  I’m out of ideas.  How to mark one of life’s turning points?  Celebrate a birthday?  A wedding?  A holiday party (like the one I offered to host this year for my office prior to deciding to take on this 100 day challenge… don’t even get me started here, I’ll save that for another post…)?  An anniversary?  I can feel the panic setting in just trying to imagine these things.

But then, my mind says, that’s ridiculous.  Because, life.  That’s really the celebration, isn’t it.  I’m supposed to be learning how to celebrate life.  To realize that togetherness, laughter, and love is what makes a celebration.  Seems hard to imagine this applying to most situations I consider cause for commemoration.  But then.  Then I walked into that hospital room.  I held that wee little love in my arms, and looked at my best friend with admiration for what she’d just accomplished.  I felt a glow.  It was love.  It was laughter at baby’s little wiggles.  It was life.

And it was a celebration.  No alcohol required.


2 thoughts on “No alcohol required.”

  1. I think what we’re drinking or eating during a party, wedding, etc becomes less important once we’re more comfortable doing these things sober. Until then, hit the nearest high end grocery store or cafe for some pretty amazing sounding non-alcoholic beverages…cold pressed coffees, teas, sparkling juices and sodas. These may not thrill you right now, but I distinctly recall a delicious thai coconut iced tea I had at an anniversary dinner almost two years ago, so treats can be something to savor and even look forward to. The real thing you narrowed in on is the savoring of life that we become more open to without alcohol. It’s pure magic and very real. Congratulations to your friend and her new baby and to you too for being there to celebrate with her!

    1. Thank you! So true, and definitely makes me realize how lame it is that “celebration” was synonymous with alcohol for me for almost my whole adult life. It’s the people! Not the alcohol. Not the treats.

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